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chicken walking 'funny'

Posted: 02 Feb 2018, 16:42
by alisonhildred
Hi all. I wonder if anyone has had this issue. One of my hens pulls each leg right up as she walks. She doesn't seem in discomfort and her feet look fine. Has anyone had this? She does seem a bit depressed and stays in house for a bit before coming out each morning. I've let them in the garden for a few days so they have more to do.

Re: chicken walking 'funny'

Posted: 04 Feb 2018, 11:46
by CP
How is your girl today as it's been a few days since you posted?

I have heard of this before but can't remember what it was. I will have to have a think & a search to find out. ;)

Re: chicken walking 'funny'

Posted: 04 Feb 2018, 13:16
by kated
This can sometimes be the result of partial blindness.

Re: chicken walking 'funny'

Posted: 07 Feb 2018, 10:47
by MamaOwl
Does she pulls them up to her undercarriage or 'goose-step'?