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Mystery illness or gapeworm?

Posted: 04 Oct 2015, 20:30
by Gallina Blanca
Evening all,

I have a bit of a conundrum. I lent my incubator to someone and gave them some hatching eggs, of which twelve hatched. When the chicks were about 3 weeks old she bought some other chicks of the same age and put them in with the hatchlings with no problem. When they were about 3 months old ONLY the chicks she had hatched from my eggs began to get symptoms that remind me of gapeworm, ( I haven't seen them, but the description she gave me was that they open their beak a lot, and seem to be choking or trying to expel something) they began to die off and she now has only about 3 left. I sent her some Flubenvet, (she lives about 400km away) but as she says, if it is gapeworm why do only the ones from my eggs get it? She did try some antibiotics before she told me about it, with no result, and I don't know which antibiotic it was. I have successfully hatched eggs from my hens this year with no deaths and I haven't noticed any gapeworm this year or had any incidents until a dog got in and killed them all.......

Any ideas?

Re: Mystery illness or tapeworm?

Posted: 04 Oct 2015, 21:02
by Henwife
The only possibles would appear to be Infectious bronchitis or Gumboro (Infectious bursal disease). Both are viruses. With the former, vaccination is the only preventative & there's a 40% chick mortality if it strikes. Were the other chicks vaccinated - adult birds are carriers, so it could come from the other chicks. IBD only affects birds under 16 weeks, again vaccination is advised, but antibiotic cover helps. There's nothing else that fits the symptoms and only affect one set of chicks. Even then, it presumes the other chicks were vaccinated, with I feel would only apply to commercial hatching.

Re: Mystery illness or gapeworm?

Posted: 04 Oct 2015, 21:20
by Gallina Blanca
Thanks Henwife, that makes perfect sense, I would have advised her not to put other chicks in with the hatched ones, but she didn't tell me she'd done it till afterwards. The chicks she bought were almost certainly commercially hatched and thus could easily have been carriers of all sorts of things. I will ask.