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Pullets egg tastes weird

Posted: 01 Aug 2014, 16:51
by Srunicorn69
My pullet has been laying for a month now and I've just had her on a 3 day course of doxycycline because one of my flock fell ill and I thought they should have a dose as well. Anyway, while she was on the course and 72 hours after she had finished her course I threw her eggs away but she laid yesterday and I fried the egg last night. The yoke was lovely but the white of the egg was very powdery/ bitty. My hens I had five years ago went like that and never changed, so is it something I am feeding them. They have there layers crumble constantly, mealworms after she has laid an egg then at night they have a few par cooked veg and corn on the cob. They have access to cabbage,spinach, and I always go and pick grass from my front garden and cut it up for them.