Lethargic for about 3 weeks now

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Re: Lethargic for about 3 weeks now

Post by Henwife » 14 Feb 2014, 08:05

One of the side benefits of regular use of Flubenvet is the fact that since wild birds inevitably share the layers pellets (a number of blackbirds wait for me to re-open the hopper every morning), is that they get wormed too. Obviously in a closed pen this doesn't apply, but since I like the songbirds about the place and they 'share' the poultry food, they might as well share their medication.
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Re: Lethargic for about 3 weeks now

Post by Kate1978 » 14 Feb 2014, 09:23

I love blackbirds too Henwife...infact I think there are my favourite after my chickens of course.

We spend a small fortune on bird food but we love watching the birds especially this time of year.

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Re: Lethargic for about 3 weeks now

Post by drfish » 14 Feb 2014, 10:59

The birds have finally started using my bird feeder, after a mere 2 years of it being there. All it needed was moving slightly.

And all I need is a few dry days so I can actually take some decent photos. Effing weather.
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