Is this normal for (Jersey Giants) Flipping broody AGAIN!!?

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Is this normal for (Jersey Giants) Flipping broody AGAIN!!?

Post by fakefur » 18 Oct 2012, 17:14

Our remaining Jersey Giant now approx 18 months old has been a little mare by going broody and point blank refusing to sit on eggs earlier on this year.... Which I posted about and got some very useful ideas to try... Unfortunately she was completely unwilling to incubate any eggs dispite trying literally anything... She came off brood a couple of times, but only went back to lay again about two months ago.

A couple of weeks back we lost her sister to a heart attack which was sad... and I know chickens don't have our feelings of grief or anything but the following week she started to exhibit going broody signs.... Spending way too long on the nest box and growling at me when I went to collect eggs... initially we simply moved her out of the nestbox and she stayed outside with the other birds... Now this week she has become really insistant about being broody again..

I have checked her vent in case she was eggbound as she hasn't laid for 2 weeks now ;everything seems to be in order. She has not fully moulted so I don't think that is the reason... Her pelvic bones are approximately 2 finger widths apart which would suggest that she isn't actually in lay at the moment and she is now doing the characteristic massive poo's associated with being in brood... *sigh*

She started the year off being a super layer and has been healthy apart from losing some condition when she was constantly on the nest. They have just finished their Flubavent week and have all been treated for lice with spot on last week (just because most of the girls are moulting so aren't laying much generally at the moment)

Is going broody so much, normal for a Jersey? She is the first one we have had. or is this just a some chickens do that scenario?.. Should I be looking for something else?
I'm not even going to attempt to get her to sit on eggs again, especially not at this time of year, and she gets really stressed in the crate (I don't want her to have a heart attack like her sister..... ) So I don't know what to do apart from lift her out of the nestbox several times a day. When the others come out for a run round the garden she comes out initially but then shoots back to the nestboxes after 10 minutes or so then won't come out of the run again... She also refuses to join in at treat time and would rather go back into the house.....

Anyone got any ideas?

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