Persistent Feather Loss/Pecking?

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Re: Persistent Feather Loss/Pecking?

Post by CP » 07 Nov 2017, 10:22

It's not just them moulting, is it?

If they've all learned to do it you may have a big problem as it's not always easy to stop them.
You could try keeping them occupied as much as possible with treats & other things to explore. Can you get a log or 2 or a straw bale in with them?

I haven't used Stockholm tar for years as it was said to be carcinogenic a while ago, as well as being very sticky & the devil to handle! But it might just work. I think I applied it with a wooden spatula.
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Re: Persistent Feather Loss/Pecking?

Post by kated » 08 Nov 2017, 14:59

I've only ever put stockholm tar on horses' feet! There are anti-feather pecking solutions out there - very bitter stuff as I recall, like bitter aloes for fingernail biters. Only marginally effective and must be re-applied if it rains. In desperation I used beak bits They seem cruel but don't actually harm the chicken. ... _-_single/

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