Definitive help for the spring - redmite

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Re: Definitive help for the spring - redmite

Post by kated » 06 Sep 2018, 14:55

Interesting bradesbounty. Many years ago, I was given a pup with severe mange. The treatment my vet gave me was an old wine bottle full to the brim with flowers of sulphur in a vegetable oil base. I had to paint this all over him twice a day for a month. It did the trick and he had the most lustrous coat ever after. My mum was a saint to put up with his oily, slippery presence. Never thought to use it on poultry.

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Re: Definitive help for the spring - redmite

Post by bradesbounty » 06 Sep 2018, 19:05

Hi -- Yes I am a retired gamekeeper five generations worked for all the Royalty /Aristocrats at one time
I was brought up using flowers of sulphur and all the old fashioned remedies like coal tar etc These remedies are thousands of years old
in fact they are in the Bible ie ?? quote ( AND I WILL PURGE YOUR BODYS WITH BRIMSTONE & FIRE ) Brimstone is SULPHUR.
Your vet would have given you a bottle of Pig oil mixed with flowers of sulphur . This mixture is used on all horses for mud fever sweet itch mites etc
you see pig oil doesn't dry up or get washed off in wet grass .
Vets today are greedy people and would never give you flowers of sulphur its to cheap for them to prescribe. usually they charge £50.00 to have a look at your dog and then they prescribe all sorts of antibiotics and hormone treatments costing £200-£500 a time
A few years ago a farmers wife spent over £800.00 at the vets for two sheep dogs that had poor skin conditions scabies mange etc they were biting themselves to death. The vets pills didn't work she was going to have the dogs put down . she contacted me as a last resort i gave her the flowers of sulphur and told her what to do. six weeks later she called round with the two dogs they were brand new shiny coats and happy dogs
she said i will never go to the vets again they are gangsters.
If you know anybody who requires a high quality flowers of Sulphur get in touch

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