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Post by Judenmink » 03 Aug 2013, 17:23

I'm new to this board but have been keeping a few backyard chickens for some time. I have had ivermectin drops prescribed by the vet for a mite infestation on two previous occassions and he said to use once and withdraw eggs for a week. This time he said to use the drops now, and again in ten days. That means no eggs for 3 or 4 weeks I guess!!
I HATE having to throw the eggs away.
Apparently it is not safe to feed them to your dogs either. Does anyone have any uses for them or do I have to just bite the bullet and bin them? Has anyone cheated on the 'withdrawel' time and consumed them and they are still alive and kicking?
Does anyone know more about the possible consequences of eaten them before the withdrawel period?
I have also fumigated the hen house and burnt the perches by the way.

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Post by laffinfowl » 03 Aug 2013, 19:38

Entirely up to the individual whether they follow vets advice or not but i know of at least one long time member on here who is an authority on all things poultry and she has never adhered to withdrawal periods and still seems hale and hearty :-k
There are some issues with feeding them to certain breeds of dog as far as i,m aware,myself ........i usually leave off them for about a week,i feed them well mashed to either chicks or chucks.............again its a personal choice.

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Post by sunnys » 03 Aug 2013, 22:22

very dangerous to some dogs depending on what genes the dog has- collies deffinatly a big no no as can kill but also some other breeds of dog/mongrels can be effected so do not allow dog near birds, eggs or droppings.

have to admit have eaten ivermectrin eggs-and far as i know not caused me problems but i would not give them anyone else nor sugguest anyone else chances it. trouble is we do not know what it could do- people with suppressed immune systems might end up in trouble, those with poor kidney function or poor liver function, or those in early stages of pregnancy, or young children with immature bodies--- these folk could all end up with severe trouble or even dead if take an unlicienced drug. and trouble is lot of these conditions the person might not even know they have as no one gets tested for all that stuff frequently . My recommendation is DO NOT chance it. sling the eggs. not worth the risk for a couple of quids worth of eggs. If it bothers you the waste then consider a different way of tackling the infestation . but end of day it is your choice...

ps if you are runing a cockerel with your hens there is another use-hatch them. I've hatched eggs that were laid during ivermectrin treatment- chicks were all fine and grew up into normal hens

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Post by CP » 04 Aug 2013, 03:02

If you can keep on top of the mite problem in other ways, wait until they hens go off lay nearer wintertime before using the ivermectin. Then you won't have to throw too many away. ;)
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