VSB Auto Timer Help..please

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Re: VSB Auto Timer Help..please

Post by Wink » 04 Jul 2012, 14:08

Well finaly the timer has come back, not a repalcement one but the same one and they now tell me that it is not faulty at all and that it must be the VSB unit itself that is faulty...........
This is driving me crazy, I tried to call Wells Poultry but it goes straight through to voicemail, have left 3 messages over the last two days and no one has come back to me all of which is not very helpful and this has been going on since April.

Their attitude sucks all I want is what I have paid for and that is an automatic door and timer that actually works, I dont feel I am being unreasonable.

Wink ](*,)

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Re: VSB Auto Timer Help..please

Post by ladyplumber » 04 Jul 2012, 19:55

I think you need to get in touch with your local Trading Standards Office. This is getting beyond the ridiculous ! :angryfire:
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Re: VSB Auto Timer Help..please

Post by Wink » 09 Jul 2012, 15:55

I'm sending the whole lot back...I give in :roll:



Re: VSB Auto Timer Help..please

Post by chicken_house_man » 18 Sep 2012, 14:03

Hi Wink.

Not sure exactly who you are but unfortunately you seem to be one of a few people than may have had problems with these. Sorry.

The first production run of the new timers had a few teething problems. Solving this caused delays in the next run being ready for despatch. From the moment we ran out of stock and knew there would be a delay we updating our website to show the timers would be shipped as soon as they arrived, and as much as possible kept the waiting time as accurate as possible. If you ordered a timer during this time you should have seen on the website that you were pre ordering for the next available delivery.

To the best of my knowledge over the lasts few months there have been 4 occurrences of users report timer only closing the door, i guess you were one. As the supplies of these have been sporadic the only way have having these repaired until recently has been to return them to the manufacturer for repair. The timers that only close doors have all been returned to us as no fault found. We have also tested them and have agreed.

It is possible that if you then returned it again it would go back to Germany and then back to us, again showing no fault. This does all take time and we ship returns as soon as we can once they are back here.

Of the unit with the fault as you describe we have had:
one vsb + timer returned to us for a refund. On checking it worked perfectly.
one vsb + timer returned to us where we connected the timer to the vsb correctly and it worked fine. Returned to the customer.
one vsb + timer where the timer has been returned to Germany as no fault. customer returned it to us, replaced with another timer that still showed the "fault". We are currently awaiting the return of that timer for a refund although the customer now believes that the fault is with the main unit but wants to keep that.

In general, it seems that the problem occurs when the connections are reversed.

There may be other occurrences of the same problem but these are limited to a handful out of 100s of these that we sell and were normally identified as simply fault units and replaced.


Re: VSB Auto Timer Help..please

Post by Plecostrum » 01 Nov 2013, 02:58

Is this a digital or analogue timer. I'm having the same problems.

I can get it to wind up and stop. But it won't shut.

Can you tell me if the timer clicks

Wen door is set to open it clicks loudly. And winds up

But then when I turn it to the off position to close. There is no click and doesn't unwind.

Anyone know a website that clearly explains. How to set it up incase it's just me being thick lol

I have no sensor

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