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Re: Green Frog Designs Chicken Coops

Post by klaatu » 06 Nov 2010, 11:16

By all accounts the latest design change (the rubber flashings) has fixed this problem. Adrian has sent us some, but I'd already resorted to gaffer tape, and this is doing the trick, so I'm leaving it for now.

We collected four black rocks yesterday, so we now have eight chooks in our Green Frog Loft. They all seem happy in it.


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Re: Green Frog Designs Chicken Coops

Post by Hen Hag » 28 Aug 2018, 12:54

gazofcorra wrote:
23 Feb 2010, 14:19
Hi fellow keepers,

As a keeper of quite a few chooks and some game fowl i found out quite quickly that most chicken coops that are available on the internet may look good but in reality the majority of them are made from cheap low grade timber that has no weight to it and is poorly constructed especially with the animals welfare being put at risk, so after buying a few of them in the beginning which i have now burnt, i decided the only way i would get a coop that will meet my expectations was to build my own which i have done.
But recently i came across a company that after 18 years of chicken keeping as well as other animals they decided to start their own company providing animal housing and other items and this coupled with the owner's background in engineering and computer science alsong with many years experience in 3D computer aided design (CAD) they have produced some housing that i think will be a huge hit, not only is the design spot on but they are made from recycled plastics so are environmentally friendly and they require no maintenance except for cleaning and they provide excellent ventillation and a secure home for your chooks and compared with a wooden coop the solid plastic walls mean there are far fewer crevices for red mites and no inaccessible hiding places, at the end of the season or batch of chickens, the house can be taken apart and given a power wash down, also they will not rust or rot and they are not affected by frost, they are available in 3 sizes (small, medium & large) and 5 colours for you to choose from.


The company is i do not work for the company nor do i gain any reward for my recommending them, i am a keeper like you and i thought this will be a great coop for many chicken keepers especially people who are new to chicken keeping so they do not go wasting there money on cheap imported coops that are useless and where the animals welfare is at risk.

I myself have just bought one of these coops as i need more room for this years breeding stock.

I have also secured a discount for people who purchase 2 or more items directly from the company of 10% as long as they are shipped to a single address, so this would be ideal for friends to club together or breeders to purchase 2 or more and make a saving.
PM, me and i will give you the discount code you will need to phone your orders through as at present they do not have a coupon code area on the website.

Hope this helps
Hi there, this is my first post so apologies if I’ve posted it wrong!

Our neighbours both have chickens, we are frequently asked to Chick-sit which we love doing
One has an Omlet and the other a Greenfrog, having looked after both types several times now our vote would go to the Greenfrog for its ease of cleaning and practical design

We are now thinking if getting our own chickens and would appreciate any discount code you have for Greenfrog as their only downside is the cost!

I have tried to PM you but appear to be barred as a new user


Hen Hag

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