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Broody nest fouling

Posted: 08 Sep 2016, 20:26
by coxstool
Obviously my first time broody has not been reading up on the rules. She doesn't appear to understand that she has to leave the nest to poop. I take it that this could be a major issue, she's three days in on her fertile clutch. Any advice ?

Re: Broody nest fouling

Posted: 11 Sep 2016, 10:27
by CP
Only thing I can think of is to remove her off the nest at least once a day to see if she gets the message.
I hope she does because broody poop is VERY big & stinky!

Good luck. ;)

Re: Broody nest fouling

Posted: 12 Sep 2016, 11:48
by laffinfowl
Feeding only wheat rather than pellets while the hen is sitting should keep droppings from getting to messy.
Normally lifting the bird out once daily to poo is enough,i used to close the broody coop while the hen is out for10 minutes to give her tome to do her business.
Just don,t forget to reopen it as i did a few times sometimes for up to an hour but with no ill effects to the hatch.