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Just wanted to say hi.

Posted: 29 Apr 2017, 17:29
by Gameboy1980
I am GameBoy1980 from Nottingham England.

I kept poultry years ago. I kept hybrids for eggs, a few pure breeds like Orpingtonā€™s, some really nice Brahmas from a top UK breeder, Malays from a breeder in Germany, A few Asils and Shamo and about half a dozen geese that I had for Christmas and also gave a few to friends.

After a nasty breakup with my ex I had to re home all of my birds. Now years later, married with children, I have decided to keep a few birds again.

Just to get started I have bought a few hybrids for eggs, now I have got the bug again I am starting to look for some nice stuff.



Re: Just wanted to say hi.

Posted: 30 Apr 2017, 10:53
by CP
Welcome to the forum Gameboy1980. :)

There's not many of us on here these days but hopefully one or two may pop in later. ;)

Re: Just wanted to say hi.

Posted: 11 Nov 2017, 17:40
by MamaOwl
That's a lovely set up!!

hows it going?