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Posted: 16 Sep 2015, 14:57
by lou ez er
Hi peeps.
My name is Jayne.
We got our very first chickens last Sunday. :grin: wonder if anyone on here could give me a few pointers on a couple of subjects please.
I have been clearing the larger Poop out of the coop daily, and just sprinkling a little more wood shavings here and there to keep it topped up. The girls mess on the perch mainly and since day two the nest boxes have been clean so I have just let that be.Please can someone advise me what cleaner I should use? as I plan to give it a good clean weekly.
There are so many products out there I am getting confused :roll: The second question is will my girls eventually take themselves off to bed, I have been popping them in through the pop hole just before the light fades. This is only because I want to clear the run of food /poop and stuff. Thanks.

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Posted: 16 Sep 2015, 17:03
by drfish
Hi and welcome,

Just a basic sanitiser will do the job, Dettol, Diluted bleach, anything with lavender in (deters creepy crawlies).

The trick is to keep alternating your cleaning solutions so bacteria doesn't become resistant to it.

In my opinion, don't go too OTT with cleaning. They are livestock, and really don't care that much if there's a bit of poop in there. I'm a firm believer in dirt building immunity. Obviously, it's a fine balance between OCD cleaning, and wallowing in filth.

Ignore all the fancy off the shelf tonics, potions and such. They're mostly rubbish, and will serve no purpose other than to lighten your bank balance. Stick to the basics. And that especially goes for alleged 'Red Mite' killers. Use Diatom and Ant Powder as a preventative, and if you do get Red Mite (which you inevitably will at some point), don't waste money and time on over the counter remedies, just buy some Ficam-W off e-bay or elsewhere on the web.

And finally, leave them be at night time. If they haven't gone in by the time it's dark, man handle them, but they will figure out to do it themselves. In winter you're hard pushed to get the lazy gits to come out :mrgreen:

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Posted: 18 Sep 2015, 12:23
by ladyplumber
Hi Jayne and welcome to the forum. :wave:

Echo the above comments .... sound advice

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Posted: 19 Sep 2015, 01:43
by CP
Welcome to the forum. :)