Dioxins found in chicken feed in Germany

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Dioxins found in chicken feed in Germany

Post by NannyP » 05 Jan 2011, 10:49


EU wants answers over German animal feed dioxin scandal

The contamination is more widespread than originally thought
The discovery of the highly poisonous chemical dioxin in eggs and poultry last week has unleashed an investigation and triggered calls for reevaluating food safety regulations. Now, the EU is getting involved.

The European Union wants Germany to reveal the full extent of the dioxin scandal in Germany.

A spokesperson for EU Commissioner for Health and Consumer Policy, John Dalli, on Tuesday demanded to know whether contaminated eggs or meat had been exported to other member states. It was, however, "too early" to consider a ban on exports, he added.

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Re: Dioxins found in chicken feed in Germany

Post by laffinfowl » 05 Jan 2011, 12:28

Did see a piece on this last night,makes you wonder what else is slipping under the radar in less well off coutries in Europe. :o

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Re: Dioxins found in chicken feed in Germany

Post by milkmaid » 05 Jan 2011, 12:38

if you are registered ,they come now and again and test your feed bin .take half a scoop
and send it to the lab ,you are ment to keep away the label so if anything is wrong they can trace it back ,
and if you mix your own food you are ment to have a mixing liecence
i think they catch things fairly quickly in the eu
outside of it with imported meat this wouldn't have been picked up ;)
feel sorry for them ,but unless you grow your own food you really cannot be sure but there are a lot of safe guards in place
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