White Star

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White Star

Post by wannabekeeper » 08 Nov 2007, 12:00

Can someone tell me about this Hybrid, I rather fancy one, but dont know about their temprement, are they friendly?

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Post by nigel » 08 Nov 2007, 13:34

There is some information in the Breeds section - click here

I had whitestar when I was still in the UK. They were my best layer, virtually daily one large [approx 70g] white egg. They were a little nervous and flighty, but they are tameable with patience.

If I understand correctly, they aren't a true hybrid just a highly refined strain of white leghorn, bred for hardiness and productivity. If this isn't true then I'm sure someone will correct me very shortly.


Post by wannabekeeper » 08 Nov 2007, 15:13

Thanks, yeah my breeder said the same, that they are basically a leghorn.

I have just been and got one! I had a Pekin that wasnt doing to well and wasnt eating, so he is going to take care of it and has done me a swap.

My otherhalf will think his eyes are playing tricks on him when he comes home tonight, as the black chook will have morphed into a white one!


Post by wannabekeeper » 09 Nov 2007, 14:52

Eeekk can someone advise me please. I have just been reading up on leghornes, seing as the White Star is much the same, and its says they like roosting in trees! Am I going to have to clip a wing of this one to stop her escaping my garden and going wandering the neighbourhood.

Actually the same question goes for my Wynadotte bantam, as she looks like she might be able to fly a little.

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Post by debcat » 09 Nov 2007, 17:35

how high are your fences?
I'd clip them just to be on the safe side
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Post by rukas2111 » 09 Nov 2007, 21:41

i have 2 leghorns and they have been clipped as very flighty before. don't know about yours as never heard of them but if like leghorns then clip them


white stars

Post by fentons » 27 Nov 2007, 21:37

we've got a white star. The fella said not to take one, she'd be too much trouble for newer poultry fans but his daughter persuaded us, saying if she had enough garden she'd be fine.
Well she has bags of personality though i would never describe her as the 'little ballerina'. She pecks hard (lips, toes, teeth) and escapes regularly but she always comes running back for a handful of grain, will climb onto a lap and is sweet and docile at night.
Our White Star is an energetic tomboy, top of the pecking order. But all hens are different.


Post by fletch » 09 Feb 2008, 19:07

We bought two White Rangers today, are these the same as White Stars, they certainly look like them?

Matthew Waller

Re: White Star

Post by Matthew Waller » 06 Apr 2010, 23:02

i have two white stars lovly birds abit skitish and cliping the wings does not help if they wana get over a fence 6ft high they will :p i cant find enything out about these white rangers maybe they call them white rangers as a nick name.


Re: White Star

Post by Chookiechook » 06 Apr 2010, 23:38

I hava one too :) Hatched by a friend :)

She is a wonderful layer of big white eggs.... booked each week by a customers husband as he says they are tastier than the rest ....!!

She is flighty.... everytime you walk round the corner to the run... she legs it down the run and throws herself feet first at the end wire!! :shock: But is very friendly too :)

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Re: White Star

Post by Chris Kurzfeld » 07 Apr 2010, 12:28

I have 4 and 2 white star Xs - they lay lovely white eggs but are b*gg*rs for escaping over a 6' fence - even with clipped wings!!!!! :shock:

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