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Please advise on this breed?

Posted: 01 Jun 2018, 10:49
by Wozza1985
Hi all. I’ve recently rescued a hen tel you the story...

Well I was fishing at a private pond and over in the next field with woods (public) somebody came along with a box and threw this hen out. Did not think anything about it then then a few mins after I thought this is not right. I walked round the pond to catch up with the person and asked them what they are doing with the hen the reply was... I don’t want it I had it given so I’m just letting it go!! I was shocked I said you can’t just let it go and got the box and had to take it home of course. How honestly some people.
Plus the box was the tiniest box I’ve seen so she was cramped in it.
And I’m definitely keeping her with my 5 rangers & 5 cream legbars.

So anyway what breed is it? I’ve googled hen breeds and to me it’s looking like welsummer? I may be wrong
The pics are not too good. Yellow ish legs dark brown ear lobes. Golden coloured round the neck. Large bird. Possible young??


Re: Please advise on this breed?

Posted: 01 Jun 2018, 11:29
by kated
Some people! What a thing to do - hope she has a good home with you now. She looks like a commercial layers breed or maybe a Rhode Island Red.

Thanks for saving her


Re: Please advise on this breed?

Posted: 01 Jun 2018, 12:15
by CP
Not a Welsummer, pure breed anyway. Possibly a RIR as kated said, though she's not really dark enough. or another X-breed but you'll probably never find out for sure.

How could anyone just throw any animal out...beggars belief! :angryfire: Could she even get out of the box she was in?

Good job you rescued her, Wozza = hero! =D> :cheers:

Re: Please advise on this breed? (Pic heavy!)

Posted: 03 Jun 2018, 10:40
by Wozza1985
The person did indeed just threw the hen out like rubbish I was absolutely disgusted. The box was tiny so the hen was crammed poor thing. But I managed to take a pic on the sly of this horrible person and I’ve also reported him to local authorities!
But now the hen will live a nice life with my birds in my back garden 👍

Re: Please advise on this breed? (Pic heavy!)

Posted: 04 Jun 2018, 09:39
by MamaOwl

So lucky you were there!

She does look like a X bred RIR..... She is lovely!!!!

May she lay the best eggs ever!