New chicken owner. need advice!

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New chicken owner. need advice!

Post by Lynnperry4040 » 24 Apr 2017, 11:32

I live in the uk. I have just got myself 3 Rhode Island reds. I got them from a friend of a friend who told me they where around a year old. 1 was laying straight away, the other 2 (slightly smaller) took there time Second one lay her egg with a soft shell the 3rd (smallest) is yet to lay for me. Starting to question how old they where, do you think they could be younger than a year old?
I have had them for 2 weeks. First week and half inside the run for them to get used to there surroundings and past 3 days I have been letting them in my garden while I am there (around 40x20foot) my fence is around 4foot high. They happily walk around and eat the bugs and grass. They seems to be getting more brave and I see there little eyes looking around for mischief! Should I be worried they will jump into my neighbours garden (either side of me)? I can't build any higher fence as it's council property. Although I am out with them 100% of the time I would like to let them free range while I am in the house but keep an ear out for them. The way my garden is it would be hard for any fox to wonder in as I live no where near a field and the houses are attached 100 in a row with no back entrance.
So do you think my fence is big enough to let them free range?
Trying to get used to there little noises berk berk berk beeeerk (soft)?? Any ideas?
They are pets and spoilt and I just love to sit and watch them.
Although we are going into summer now we can have some random weather here ranging from 10c to 0-(at night) in theses days ahead. They have a coop but no door it's always open for then to be in and out there coop is big enough for about 10 hens but I put there perch in a nice warm corner draft free and lots of sawdust. Do you think Come winter time I should invest in a heat lamp? The coop is right at the back of my garden so getting a power supply to it will be hard but am willing to invest in keeping them warm. Temp in the past few years (winter) here not as cold maybe lowest -4. Any ideas are welcome and much appreciated.

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Re: New chicken owner. need advice!

Post by CP » 26 Apr 2017, 18:26

Welcome to the forum Lynnperry4040. :)

The noises they're making are quite normal. They are not silent but cluck & 'purr' & make various other noises too!

Depending on (usually) the breed, a 4' fence could be enough to keep them in your garden but you may get an adventurous 1 that wants to see if the grass is greener on the other side. It may help to clip their wing feathers on 1 side as this discourages them to fly. Not that they're good flyers anyway but they use their wings to take them up higher than just jumping.

You will have to beware of foxes because even if you haven't seen them, they could be around. There are more town foxes than in the countryside these days. Personally I always shut the pop holes at night but there are others that don't & just rely on a good fenced run to keep them safe.
For the Winter, they won't need extra heating as long as they're dry & draft free, as they have their own feather duvets to keep them warm. ;)
Happy in Hampshire!

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Re: New chicken owner. need advice!

Post by Its4john » 28 Dec 2017, 20:36

Great answers - to a very helpful post

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