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Rehoming of Peacocks

Posted: 13 Jul 2016, 10:40
by Bird_Lady

I have rather a large number of free roaming peacocks (you may have seen the story in the Sun and the Mirror recently L :lol: )
They have bred a bit too well over the last 15 years, so I need to thin the numbers a little bit. Can anyone offer a good home? The home has got to be large and open as these have not ever been caged.

Petting Zoo's would be nice, or maybe equestrian homes..? You can see some pictures on Facebook using the hashtag: #‎SavetheMaylandPeacocks‬

No dealers or breeders

Re: Rehoming of Peacocks

Posted: 29 Jul 2016, 10:05
by MamaOwl
OMG my fave bird (as you can see I gave one pride of place in the logo and my rank bar)

I'f ONLY I had room...

Please tell me more about keeping Pea's and please please can I see photos and a link to the article!

Re: Rehoming of Peacocks

Posted: 04 Dec 2017, 15:09
by MamaOwl
ow did it go? Did you manage to rehome them?

Re: Rehoming of Peacocks

Posted: 30 Dec 2017, 00:55
by Its4john
My wife volunteers at an animal rescue farm, they have everything from skunks to meerkats, snakes and a lynx. All free range. She will ask if they can take some.

Re: Rehoming of Peacocks

Posted: 30 Dec 2017, 11:51
by MamaOwl
Ahhh bless you, this was last year though so I am thinking she has rehomed them all now... or given up and kept them! lol