To do lists & poultry keeping wish lists:

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To do lists & poultry keeping wish lists:

Post by brooksidepoultry » 10 Aug 2015, 17:16

Right has anyone like me got a list of things they need to do with their poultry keeping or a wish list of things / birds they'd like? As we all know poultry keepings pretty obsessive & full of things to do :) ok here's mine lol

*Locate fresh breeding stock & organise current
*Sort latch on shed
*Knock down old hen house
* Have incubator serviced
* Buy a cheap van
*Sort out old runs into which need fixing & which are firewood
*Fix runs & buy new hen house

Wish list:
*Fresh breeding stock
*More geese - we currently have way too much grazing & have 11 already!
*New hen house
*Breeding pens for quail & bantams
*Pheasant panels
*More poultry books :grin:

Unfortunately a lot of that list is out of necessity rather than want - mainly due to pens being old & being knocked about - the hen house is 20+ years old & showing its age, so I think it's time 4 a new 1.
A country lass who loves it all x.

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