Help! Need day old goslings/ ducklings

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Help! Need day old goslings/ ducklings

Post by Woodland Hen » 16 May 2015, 14:03

Hi all,

I have a lone gosling who hatched yesterday, I only had 2 eggs in the incubator but we have a broody goose who's eggs should have hatched midweek and I thought if I only get one I can sneak him in with the broody as we have always found our geese more than happy to take any gosling offered, normally so enthusiastically that I put a box of goslings down and make a hasty retreat!
Now the goose won't take him, she keeps hissing if he tries to get under her, and is on and off the eggs today and about to give up I think. All our other goslings are 5 weeks old, outside and too big to put this one with so I am looking for some goslings or ducklings less than a week old to keep this one company.
Any one have anything available? We are near Carmarthen.

It's currently keeping warm in the house with a soft toy to snuggle up to.

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