Four hens equals five eggs

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Four hens equals five eggs

Post by Tazzie » 21 Jul 2014, 09:12

Hi all

So this morning I goes to the coop as normal and opens the nest box to my supprise theres five egg, we have four hens two black rocks and two speckled hens.
I only cleaned out the coop yesterday afternoon and we had four eggs that morning, so I can rules out not seeing one egg the day before.
Is it commen for a hen to lay two eggs in one day also has anyone else had the same thing happen?


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Re: Four hens equals five eggs

Post by CP » 21 Jul 2014, 12:13

It can happen sometimes.

Usually, but not always, the odd egg is smaller, deformed or has a thin or no shell. All are perfectly OK to eat, though in the case of 'no shell' that might prove a little difficult! :lol:
Happy in Hampshire!

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Re: Four hens equals five eggs

Post by wolfpup » 06 Aug 2014, 13:32

I got 8 new girls last month at POL, 4 started laying last week, and the others I thought would be coming into lay within a few days. On Saturday I got a shock, hubby got three eggs at 5.30am when cleaning out the coops - all small and one was broken, but throughout the day I picked up another 8 eggs - making 11 in total. I check for eggs almost hourly with a final check when putting them to bed - so again I am sure nothing had been missed (four the previous day)

Since then I am getting 6 or 7 eggs a day from the 8 girls - which I am happy about bearing in mind they have only just started laying. I think it was just a hiccup with probably one hen (eggs are slightly different colours and all three initial eggs were identical colour).

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