French Marans - standardizing with The Poultry Club GB

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French Marans - standardizing with The Poultry Club GB

Post by darkbrowneggs » 26 Dec 2012, 20:15

Hi All and hope you had a lovely Christmas

At the AGM of the Marans Club of Great Britain it was suggested that the Club might consider undertaking the work necessary to standardize the French Marans with the Poultry Club -most of our English Marans types were standardized in the middle of the last century

This is not a case of simply putting a proposed standard before the Poultry Club and asking them to accept it - there is a special defined procedure set out in the Poultry Club rules which must be followed.

Firstly the Marans Club will need to take a postal vote of its members to ascertain that it is the will of the Club to propose a standard for the French type. If this is accepted then a group of breeders with established lines will need to show that the birds breed true, and to be prepared to show them at approved shows for critical appraisal by other breeders.

There is a detailed article on this in the 2012 Marans Club Year Book (available from the club President Ken Nash - 01827 872274)

I think there may be some members on this forum who keep French Marans and may be interested in taking part, but it is something which would involve quite a long term commitment on the part of a dedicated group of breeders, who are also prepared to show their birds. So if anyone thinks they may be interested please let me know - it is probable that the first colour to be worked on would be the Copper Black as these are, in general more stable and there are more in the country at this present time

The Marans Club in America is currently undertaking something similar and have recently got the Copper Blacks accepted and are now working towards getting the Wheaten standarized.
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