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Re: Members' map

Post by rebecca » 04 Oct 2013, 21:38

I tried and no it doesn't work.....

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Re: Members' map

Post by lewisjones » 04 Oct 2013, 22:26

I used to try everytime I logged in but nobody helped that's why I said goodbye to everyone, in the spring, it's no different only the same old
"I know it all" people that don't they just read it on here we can all do that, I thought we were all supposed to help each other "not mouth on about how much we know,
for god's sake we're only keeping bloody chicken's , anybody want advice about 7 and 2 year old boy's , get bye with friend's that keep chicken's
and the allotment lad's bye for good .p.s. hope that wakes you all up. bye.

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Re: Members' map

Post by NannyP » 05 Oct 2013, 21:39

This thread and Map doesn't work now since the bad attack on the forum several months ago (it might have happened during the time you'd left before). The last time anyone added themselves successfully was 2 years ago.

I'm sorry you feel we should all be jumping to help, and that you are leaving again. Those of us who moderate the forum do so as volunteers, in our spare time. We don't look at every thread, and as this is an old thread it's not something I tend to look at.

I'll lock the thread now so no one else need waste their time trying to add themselves and get upset.

Bon continuation.