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Ideas for a chick brooder.

Posted: 05 Jun 2012, 20:25
by Spudthebinx
After building my egg incubator then my thoughts are turning to a chick brooder, because with luck I will need one in about three weeks. I have a large clear plastic storage box that should be large enough and the overall theory must be very similar to the incubator. The electrics will need to be beefed up slightly as I think the heat source will need to be higher power but should I use a bulb that goes off and on with a thermostat or should I perhaps buy a heat cable and put it under a false floor? Also would it need a fan in it, considering the chicks would be mobile now? Perhaps someone here has built their own brooder and could explain how they went about it?

Thanks :)


Re: Ideas for a chick brooder.

Posted: 05 Jun 2012, 21:56
by tweedy
Dont use under feet heating you will end up with messed up feet on the chicks. Many people including myself use electric hens or you can make one using reptile heat mats. Or you can use a heat lamp. As for the brooder itself the plastic storage boxes are only good for a week or two. You will need a bigger brooder after that, good old plywood is fine and you can build to the size that will last until off heat, they will be under heat for roughly six weeks.

Re: Ideas for a chick brooder.

Posted: 05 Jun 2012, 22:09
by Spudthebinx
Electric hens? I have never heard of that, I assume it's something that the chicks can go under for warmth?