opions please

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would you hang it on a wall or not

no i think it's morbid
yep i like it
the colours are to dark
No votes
i like it but wouldn't hang it on my wall
find yourself a better hobby
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shouldn't you be out catching goats or something
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Re: opions please

Post by zng109 » 16 Mar 2010, 17:07

last one could be called "I miss your leg" but I wouldnt actualy hang it on my wall, I think I have seen the origional on tv but cant remember where

Big D

Re: opions please

Post by Big D » 02 Apr 2010, 18:23

I like the first one a lot........Entitled - "Don't Worry My Ex Boyfriend Is Staying"

I think the second one is depressing. Lets be honest the dog'll probably get shot the next day.........sorry :(


Re: opions please

Post by EGirl » 06 Apr 2010, 12:55

Amazed that you are doing such complex x-stitch, well done. I opened one yesterday after setting one aside because I'd lost track of the pattern.....I put both away without sewing a stitch, I think I prefer knitting! ;)

miller mills

Re: opions please

Post by miller mills » 21 Aug 2010, 22:42

Greggorio wrote:I like it. It's like Hachi or whatever that Japanese dog was called who waited for his master outside the train station back in the 1920's

Also there's that film where the dog keeps visiting his masters grave (have no clue what it's called)

Not morbid in my opinion
One dog which waited on its masters grave (til it died I thin) was a terrier in London known as 'Greyfriars Bobby'. Google it, I'm sure there's info ont net......................

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Re: opions please

Post by CP » 22 Aug 2010, 00:35

It was in Edinburgh, not London. ;)
Happy in Hampshire!

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Re: opions please

Post by Greggorio » 22 Aug 2010, 08:21

you finished it yet milkmaid?

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Re: opions please

Post by milkmaid » 24 Aug 2010, 08:31

no not yet still working on it ,another months work i think ;)
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