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Re: bread

Posted: 15 Feb 2011, 18:13
by milkmaid
you can make a malt loaf like that in the bread maker it's yummm

Re: bread

Posted: 18 Aug 2011, 16:39
by frank the troll
Bread the simple way
I use a mix of brown flours, slightly different each time, just to vary.
put flour in bowl, add a little salt, 2 teaspoons sugar and mix
in a jug, add 1 teaspoon sugar, approx 2ox butter, (add a dash of olive oil if you like) and a little boiling water to melt sugar/butter, add cold water, then add your yeast,
when ready (frothy) add to bowl, mix and then kneed in the bowl for 10 mins, shape and place in your tin/dish/tray and leave to rise, when ready, cook approx 30 mins

prep time 15/20 mins, depends on yeast

Sorry no temp guide, we have a wood cooking range, also no mesurements of flour as I usually guestamate

Re: bread

Posted: 14 Dec 2011, 18:34
by darcyvuqua
made my second ever loaf today, fruit loaf my god it was possibly the best thing i have ever made while it was hot out the oven i brushed it with honey it tastes just like a hot crossed buns absolutely amazing all homemade without a bread maker :sunny:

Re: bread

Posted: 15 Dec 2011, 11:00
by mojo
try basic recipe with 2 teaspoons mixed spice and half teaspoon ground ginger for a xmas spice bread

Re: bread

Posted: 30 Mar 2012, 15:30
by debcat
Captain Carrots Tortilla's

Tortillas are easy to make:

250g plain flour
5g salt
150ml water

mix it all up, kneed a little until it goes silky. rest for 30 minutes. devide into 6-8, roll out to 2mm thick and cook in a hot, dry frying pan...30 seconds each side. Keep them under a towle to keep warm. You can reheat them in a low oven wrapped in tin foil.

Re: bread

Posted: 30 Mar 2012, 15:32
by debcat
Captain Carrots Pizza base

home made pizza is fun too, the dough can be made in advance and frozen.

For 8 small pizas...
250g strong white flour
250g plain flour
5g dried yeast
10g salt
325ml warm water
a little olive oil

Mix all together, turn out and knead until smooth (10 minutes). Shape the dough into a ball and put in a clean bowl inside a plastic bag, somewher warm until doubled in size.
you want the base to be about 5mm thick...then add toppings.
the oven should be as hot as you can get it, and the pizzas take about 10 minutes.