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Share your favourite poultry & egg related recipes.

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Re: meat recipes

Post by debcat » 25 Mar 2009, 21:30

Big D's Cumberland sausage
Okay, I know most of you don't make your own sausages.......why would you :smt102 ?

But if you ever do; this is my Cumberland sausage recipe. :grin: (you'll need a sausage stuffer to make them)
We have just entered it in Made-In-Cumbria's Cumberland Sausage Competition.
It is an old fashioned recipe utilising the spices that the butchers, hundred+ years back, got from the merchant ships unloading in Workington's and Whitehaven's docks.

The Cumberland Sausage name is ,with luck, just about to be copyrighted. So this time next year if you are buying Cumberland sausage it will have been made in Cumbria. It will also contain no less than 80% pork and be in-cased in hog skin and sold in a coil.

First Rusk - (it binds and helps stabilise)

Mix 200g of plain flour with 2tsp of baking powder. Add water until it forms a soft dough.
Roll out to biscuit thin ,5mm max, and bake in a moderate oven until light brown.
Cool and them place in a food processor and reduce to a crumb.

You will also need 3 metres of hog skin from your butcher.

For the sausage filling -

2kg of 5mm minced belly pork. A butcher will do this for you. Around 30% fat. Add-
3 tsp of black pepper
4tsp of salt
2tsp of ginger
2tsp of nutmeg
2tsp of mace
2tsp of chopped thyme
2tsp of chopped sage
The rusk you made earlier
And 200ml of cold water

Mix thoroughly by hand.

Put the meat mix in the stuffer and the skin on to the tube and crank the mixture through (takes practise I'm afraid)
Wind into a coil and place in a fridge for 24 hours to "Bloom" (Flavours develops and the sausage settles)

Put sausage into a large frying pan on a low heat with a touch of oil. Cook very slowly on both sides and finish off for a few minutes in the oven.

This mix freezes and makes no difference to taste or texture.

If any of you ever do make your own sausages.......enjoy! :grin:
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Re: meat recipes

Post by SkyChild » 31 Aug 2010, 20:12

Mmmm, making me hungry! Need to find a venison recipe...
I have a habit of making things that sound like a cross between a main course and a pudding - like pork with apples, lamb with raspberries or beef with chilli chocolate sauce.

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Poulet à la normande

Post by NannyP » 28 Nov 2012, 17:14

Poulet à la normande

My neighbour and Jo’s boyfriend killed 2 of my 5 surplus coqs a few weeks ago. (They will do the other 3 this weekend). In France they traditionally leave the head on, and when we called round last night for a chat, there was a chicken in the oven with it’s head still on :? . My neighbours cousin eats the comb apparently :-& ...I wonder what that taste’s like!
So, Poulet a la Normande (Normandy Chicken).
After a few weeks in the freezer, I defrosted a coq and after cleaning placed in the slow cooker.
The recipes say 6 pieces of chicken browned in butter. If you use pieces of chicken, don’t cook for so long in a slow cooker. But for the coq I reckoned about 5 hours.
So, chicken, 1 large tart apple, cored and sliced in whole round slices.
300gms of halved mushrooms.
Shot of Calvados (Apple Brandy) or other brandy if not Calvados.)
1.5 litres of brut cider
Salt and pepper.
Cook for 5 hours, or shorter for chicken pieces.
Lift meat from pan, and keep aside on a warm plate. Reduce the liquid by about half by simmering quickly without a lid. When reduced, re-add meat, and 250gms of Creme Fraiche and slowly heat and stir, taking care not to boil so cream separates. Serve with your favourite veg.

Let me know if you try this and what you think. Don't be tempted to sneak in any half fat substitutes! :grin:

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Re: meat recipes

Post by mojo » 30 Nov 2012, 16:26

i do the same recipe with turkey pieces
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