Calling time on the poultry

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Re: Calling time on the poultry

Post by drfish » 02 Feb 2015, 10:39

The boys aren't interested in animals in general to be honest. I keep trying to get them watching David Attenborough doc's and such on TV, but they wander off and play on their DS or Wii instead (different generation I guess).

Keenan was vaguely interested when we first had Nina (the German Shepherd), but now she's a big clumsy oaf, he's not bothered. Same with the cats, loved them as kittens, doesn't pay much attention to them now. My younger boy is not even remotely interested in any of the animals. So unless Alexis takes a sudden interest in them, I think that's probably it for now.

I still want my outdoor Tegu enclosure, but that's probably going to be a pipedream for many years to come. I miss my Tegu :cry:
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