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by Sara_Pen
11 Feb 2018, 18:51
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Topic: Columbine or cream legbar
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Re: Columbine or cream legbar

I had two and they were brilliant - one was friendly, one more aloof. They lay blue eggs if pure bred - proper pure bred CLB's can be hard to get and so can lay off coloured eggs such as cream or green. Look at the ears - layers of vblue eggs will have a slight turquoise tinge when they are ready to...
by Sara_Pen
11 Feb 2018, 18:48
Forum: General & Misc
Topic: CCLB info please
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Re: CCLB info please

I had two - great layers, blue eggs (occasionaly cream if a cross). They are very often crossed with something and aren't 'proper' pure breeds, but they are beautiful friendly birds. Lay every other day - mine used to stop in Oct/Nov and start in Feb/March. One of my favourite breeds :)